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Feat. Francis GOYA


It was on December 8, 1968, that Wachtay was born in Brussels.

At the heart of a family of musicians, he took his first steps in a musical universe already swaying to the rhythm of psychedelic funk.


At the age of 8, Wachtay enrolled in music theory and, on the way back home, he took a liking to composing.


It was also the time when his older brothers were rehearsing in the cellars of the capital, and as Wachtay was already naturally drawn to the sound of live, he was often there!


He realizes very quickly the richness of other cultures. A meeting will change the direction of his thoughts, of his vision of things or quite simply of his life: BLUE CLOUD (Blue Cloud), a charming Native American lady who has lived in Belgium for a few decades and who, in memory of her ancestors, practices still some ceremonies in an authentic atmosphere...

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